As Good As It Gets

In the final message in the series “You Asked for It,” we explore the wonderful free gift of God’s grace. With grace, we have a way to be made right with God. Grace helps us be a gift to others, regardless of our past or our condition. Life with God’s grace is truly as good […]

Don’t Be a Junkie

Contentment. Comparison. Coveting. Chasing. We all-too-easily pursue these things. In short, we’re junkies!   God intends supreme fulfillment for your life–a satisfaction that only comes from Him. Don’t be a junkie….Contentment is about connecting your heart to the right things. Connect with God today.

Making a Difference

Whether time, talent, or treasure–whatever God has given you–He expects you to multiply it. You make a difference when you give what you have been given. God gave you a spiritual gift, which we should use to serve others and show them His love. When we do this, we don’t just do something for someone. […]

Summer at Impact – Decision Making

We all want to make better choices. According to psychology, our decisions are responses to stimuli. Our genetics, our psyche, or our environment are to blame when we respond to situations or emotions in life. According to the Bible, however, we are self-aware, thinking, conscious humans with a free will. We have the responsibility for […]

Summer at Impact – Resting in the Lord

God has ordained rest for His people. Resting brings three main things: – Ease and refreshment – Opportunity to hear His Word – Closeness and confidence when fellowshipping with God Psalm 37:4-7 (NKJV) outlines HOW we are to rest: Delight in the Lord, commit our way to Him, trust in Him, and wait for Him […]