Impact Kids

Recent Renovation

Impact Kids is our ministry for children in elementary school from 1st to 5th grade.


At Impact Kids, your children will be taught the importance of scripture and how it applies to their lives. We aim to unravel any confusion young minds may have about the truth and relevancy of the Word by presenting it on kid terms, making their church experience a fun and positive one.


Impact Kids is a growing environment that thrives on connection and relationships. Your children will always feel important and valued at Impact Kids, as we do our best to ensure a connection with each child through our small group time, which enables us to get to know each child on a personal level and allows them to share, pray, and fellowship with their peers in a controlled and safe environment.


The Impact Kids team is banded together for the same goal we, as a church, continue to congregate: To spread the Word of God. At Impact Kids, children are taught at a young age, the importance of sharing the Gospel and how to love and lead by example to help those who are lost. The idea of reaching beyond our own selfish nature for the benefit of someone else is at the core of most of our lessons. If children can grasp the concept of the great commission before entering middle school, just imagine what they will be able to accomplish as they continue their walk in faith through adulthood.

Impact Kids Security:

At impact kids, our number one concern, above all else, is the safety of your children. All of our leaders and volunteers are background checked, appropriately trained, and profess to follow Christ. At no time during service will your child be left alone or on a one on one basis with anyone. We do all things, even bathroom breaks, in a group. Our electronic check in system allows for only your specified adults on record to check out your child. We have a trained volunteer who manages the check in and out process, maintaining adults in the lobby while they wait for their child to be brought to them.